More than one million girls are enslaved in brothels throughout India. They are enticed, deceived or kidnapped by traffickers and forced to work in India’s red-light districts, attending up to ten or even more men per day. Like the girls who appear in Not My Life, some are smuggled from neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and West Bengal, but as many as 90% of victims are trafficked within India’s borders.

The brothels of Mumbai are horrible places where Indian men can spend a few rupees for a few minutes of sex, that will scar a child for a lifetime -- Living conditions in the brothels are horrendous and in the worst cases, the girls live in cages. To "break" the girls in, they are raped by their traffickers or other men. If they do not comply with the day to day demands of the traffickers, they are beaten and raped. Often, food is withheld so the girls will be able to stay awake at night to attend customers.

Organizations such as Rescue Foundation work for the rescue and rehabilitation of forced prostitution victims in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Rescue Foundation provides after-care services such as health care, vocational training, legal assistance, counseling, and repatriation.

We have just taken 10 girls, trafficked and hidden in this space. When the cops come around, they get shoved in an area that is four foot by three foot.
— Rescue Foundation Investigator in Not My Life