For girls in the U.S., the average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years of age. In nearly every case, the girls are controlled by pimps using both physical abuse and emotional control. In this segment, we meet Angie, a young teenager from Kansas who, after deciding to run away from home, was forced into prostitution and trafficked at a truck stop in America’s heartland.

Special Agent Mike Beaver of the FBI says that, “Angie was, by all accounts, an all-American girl.” Angie came from a good home, with a good family and even attended private school. But, as Sheila White of GEMS talks about in Not My Life, “This [human trafficking] really can happen to anyone.”

Angie was rescued during Operation Stormy Nights, an FBI sting operation that led to the arrest and conviction of more than 15 pimps and traffickers working throughout the American mid-west. Most of their victims were young teenage girls.

For more information about what truckers are doing to help prevent prostitution and trafficking at truck stops throughout the USA, please visit Truckers Against Trafficking.

So we get out of the car and he informed us we better not come back without any money.
— Angie in Not My Life