Eric Peasah is the founder of Right To Be Free (RTBF), a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing children and women who are victims of slavery, exploitation and other oppressive conditions. He has managed and led humanitarian and social services programs that focus on reducing poverty and improving the worth and dignity of children, women, the elderly, the vulnerable, and others marginalized in society. Eric also works closely with government, law enforcement and judiciary agencies, civil society organizations and NGOs to combat human trafficking in Ghana and the West African sub region. He has been a key advocate in establishing the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Ghana Police Service and the Human Trafficking Act in Ghana. Eric has a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Social Work.

RTBF has a special focus in Ghana, where the trafficking of women and children, some as young as five, is common. RTBF conducts education and advocacy programs in North America and globally to increase awareness of human trafficking. It also focuses on providing families of victims with assistance through vocational training and micro-business loans to prevent further trafficking.

Eric was formerly the Field Manager in charge of Counter-Trafficking and Irregular Migration for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ghana. He and his team created the “5 R System,” to Research, Rescue, Rehabilitate, Reunite, and Reintegrate, trafficked children in the hazardous fishing trade in Ghana. The operation has rescued over 730 children and successfully reintegrated them into their communities.

Eric’s human trafficking awareness programs have inspired hundreds of students in schools and universities throughout the United States, including California, Illinois, Washington, D.C. and New York. His awareness campaigns have led to the formation of youth groups that champion the fight against child trafficking, such as “One is Greater Than None” and “Kids Helping Kids.”

His anti-trafficking efforts have been featured in the New York TimesOprah Winfrey ShowABC NewsThalasaTV in France and TV5 in Hungary.  His philosophy is to make the world a better place by helping victims, empowering survivors and putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged.

For more information: righttobefree.org
Eric Peasah: epeasah@righttobefree.org

Director's Note

Eric Peasah introduced me to the first trafficking victim I ever encountered— a 10 year-old boy on Lake Volta, in Ghana— one of thousands in the region known as ‘fishing boys.’ When we spotted the boat the boy was working on in the distance, Eric pointed and said to the driver of our boat, ‘let’s go near them’. That phrase became a kind of mantra for the Not My Life team as we continued work on the project over the next several years. It so perfectly embodied what we were, in fact, trying to do: go near the victims, be with them, tell the world about them. Eric Peasah will always be one of my heroes, because he has spent his life being near those who suffer. Wonderfully kind-hearted, he is an example to us all.
— Robert Bilheimer