Bradley Myles currently serves as Polaris's Chief Executive Officer. He has been working on combating the issue of human trafficking for the past ten years, and he is regarded as one of the leading advocates in the anti-trafficking field. Mr. Myles played an instrumental role in building Polaris’s national programs focused on systemic change in the areas of policy advocacy, training, and capacity-building. He also helped create and launch Polaris’s operation of the United States’ national human trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888. This national model is now regarded as one of the best-functioning anti-trafficking hotlines in the world, and it has played a role in identifying nearly 11,000 survivors of trafficking over the course of fielding over 85,000 calls.

Mr. Myles has provided consultation, training, and technical assistance on anti-trafficking strategies to hundreds of audiences, including human trafficking task forces and coalitions across the nation, government agencies, federal and local law enforcement, U.S. Members of Congress, foundations, corporations, media outlets, service providers, and foreign delegations.

In addition to overseeing all of Polaris’s day to day programmatic and operational areas, Mr. Myles is currently focusing his efforts on Polaris’s future strategy for the next decade, entitled Vision 2020, which includes building an alliance of all anti-trafficking hotlines around the world, launching a global coordination center and response network, and crafting an innovative research and data initiative designed to identify strategic intervention points that will target the vulnerabilities in human trafficking networks and syndicates.

Mr. Myles started his anti-trafficking work in 2002, spending his early years mapping out all the actors in the anti-trafficking field in the U.S., conducting outreach and providing direct services to survivors, understanding the patterns of criminal trafficking networks through field research, and helping to build the Washington, DC Human Trafficking Task Force from 2004 to 2007.

Mr. Myles holds degrees in Psychology and Political Science from Stanford University.