Enam is seven years old. He is enslaved on the waters of Lake Volta in Ghana, and he is waiting to be free. 
This month, our partners at Right to Be Free are preparing for a rescue mission to free Enam and 19 other children who are trapped in slavery, working as fishing boys on the waters of Lake Volta. Right to Be Free's rescue mission, which begins in March, could last up to six months as the team negotiates for these boys' freedom.

But in order to ensure that the boys are not re-trafficked, Right to Be Free's mission will continue, even after the boys have been rescued.

"When we rescue a child, we support their rehabilitation, reunification and reintegration as they adjust to their new freedom and surroundings," says Eric Peasah, founder of Right to Be Free.

To support the rescue and rehabilitation of these children, Right to Be Free is accepting donations through their new campaign Five for Freedom. A donation of $5 per month can make a huge difference in transforming the life of a child in bondage. Please consider making a donation today. 

Right to Be Free is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing children and women who are victims of slavery, exploitation and other oppressive conditions. To learn more about their upcoming rescue mission, please click here to read their February 2014 newsletter or visit their website.

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